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Some of our Clients

Helping Pets since 1981

"Dear Dr. Goldstein, You are without a doubt one of the kindest and most compassionate people we have ever encountered. Thank you so much for the generosity of your heart. Your staff are so kind and caring and this speaks volumes for your practice. Thank you for being there for us through health and sickness of Jill and our other dogs...for your very special kindness." —Sincerely, Richard and Karen B.

"Mufasa, my pomeranian, is the second dog that I've owned that I take to this facility. I find the staff very friendly and always courteous and professional. I feel that it's very important that I have a high level of confidence in my veterinarian's ability, and with Dr. Goldstein I have that trust. On visits, I have questions which are readily answered, and I always leave with a secure feeling that I'm doing the right things for the care for my dog." Joseph L., Chino Hills, via Yelp

"I wouldn't take my animals anywhere else. Dr. Mintzer is kind and generous. It's obvious that he cares for my animals and is genuinely concerned about their health…It's about quality service and affection towards animals." —Alejandria K.

"Dear Dr. Goldstein, Sandy, Judy and Tracy, all the staff at the hospital, It has been an emotional struggle these couple of days since Lucky has passed. I have had an enormous amount of time for self reflection through this sad yet enlightening experience. Lucky is free as I like to think about it. She no longer suffers on Earth like she did for the past month. I remember when I found her; she was an abandoned dog who was wounded mentally and physically by her last owner. At that time I had no intentions of ever owning a dog, however her eyes were filled with a lingering sadness that I could not ignore. This moment captured our life long journey together. Although it might seem silly to some, she was my partner in a sense, and through all the hardships she was my comforting companion. These 16+ years together have been priceless, and I will forever remember the recurring moment in which she rushes out of the garage to meet me after a long day of work. Moments like this are imprinted in my mind and for this reason Lucky will always have a place in my heart.

Your hospital was the first one that I ever entered. You and your amazing staff have been there every step of my journey with Lucky. Even though going to hospital should never be a joyous experience, everyone there made it an overwhelmingly positive experience due to attentive staff and fantastic service. Just as an update, I have already brought Lucky’s ash home today; she will forever remain home as a reminder of our sweet journey together. I have learned to accept that Lucky is in a better place, one with no more pain for her to endure.

On a final note, thank you Dr. Goldstein and Karen for giving up your time and efforts to help us with this process. You and Karen graciously accompanied Lucky, Olison and myself in this bittersweet farewell. I realize the amount of dedication that you personally have given to help us; you even gave up your own Sunday to help us pass such an emotional and heart wrenching time. My deepest thank you Dr. Goldstein! May you, your staff and all the pets you take care of prosper and good health." —Gracie & OlisonOur client, Zero

"I want to commend you on two members of your staff. Dr Victoria and Tracey. Both of them went to great lengths to ensure that the kitten (Carrey) with the injured front leg was properly taken care of. Without their love and caring attention she may have ended up at a shelter. You should be very proud of both pf them. They both were tremendous. I am so grateful to them and so is Baby (Carrey)." Sheila C.

"On the topic of prevention, I know a lot of reviews of veterinarians contain criticisms from clients who feel they were given a "hard sell" on goods or services that they didn't feel were necessary. I have never felt this way at the Animal Hospital of Walnut. Every product, medicine, or lab test ever offered was explained and justified to me, and an accurate estimate was presented, and I'm allowed to make the choice. I hope animal control doesn't read yelp reviews, but Fellini hasn't had any vaccines except for rabies in many years. After a thorough review of his history, Dr. Goldstein decided he didn't need any more. If I had taken him to any old vet, I can only imagine the seven vaccines they'd be trying to push on me. Trust me people, that's not preventative medicine." Teri A, Anaheim, CA via Yelp

"Dr. Beighlie treated our cat, my husband and my first 'baby'. He helped us keep him alive with chemo treatments and helped us through the grief when it didn't work. He gave us paw print clay imprint of his paw and a grief card. Our dog, our second 'baby' died of old age four years later and he gave us every courtesy of time alone with her and time to grieve after she was put down. He gave us some tufts of her fur. The kind of compassion showed to us when we felt so silly and so grieved was incredibly helpful."
Susan K.

"I've known Dr Goldstein for more years than I'd like to admit. He is a wonderfully intelligent and skilled professional with great sense of caring and love for both his patients and their owners."Iris, via Facebook

"Dr. Minzer has been my vet for years. Under his excellent care my Doxie lived to be 19 years old. He has always given me his best when it comes to the care of my dogs."Alida L.

"I take both of my dogs to this hospital and they are very good with them. I know in my heart that will love and take care of my dogs as if they were there own." —Candy M., Diamond Bar, CA via Yelp

"I have been taking my pets to Dr Goldstein for over 10 years. He and his staff are fantastic! They are caring, patient, and very living to each and every animal they see. Thank you Animal Hospital of Walnut!"Nicci, via Facebook

"My dog Fellini is 16 years old. I’ve had him since he was 4 months old. He has had one Veterinarian his whole life, Dr. Goldstein. Dr. G. remembers everything that has ever happened to this dog. Dr. Goldstein is a Board Certified Specialist and his Hospital is AAHA Certified. Look up both of these qualifications on the Internet and you will understand the importance. At the Animal Hospital of Walnut, every product, medicine, or lab test was explained and justified to me, and an accurate estimate was presented, and I’m allowed to make the choice."Terry L.

"We've been taking our family pets for several decades ... they are super with a friendly caring staff and vets ... always caring for our pets with the utmost quality care and concern. Up to date procedures and wonderful vets and associates ..."Barry T., Walnut, CA via Yelp

"They saved my puppy's life. Our puppy was not properly taken care of by her negligent breeder. So we had to rush our yorkie here the morning after we purchased her because she literally went into a coma over night. They not only saved her life but had her as good as new within the same day!"Elias H., Walnut, CA via Yelp

"Dr Beighlie and Dr Mintzer are both great. My dog Sky was treated with their laser machine. I wasn't sure it was a treatment that worked but the results have been amazing. They seem to have everything you need or want in a veterinary hospital!"Lisa S.

"We have been going to Dr. Goldstein's practice since 1982 and have never considered going to a different veterinarian during the past 32 years.  We have taken one dog and several cats to him and have NEVER had a bad or questionable experience.  We have never questioned whether our pets were misdiagnosed; given misguided treatment and tests or medication that was unnecessary; nor have we ever felt we were being overcharged for services our pets received.  This may sound like we don't question or challenge what we're told.  Quite the contrary.

We feel extremely fortunate to have our pets attended by Dr. Goldstein who has dedicated his professional life to the wellness of animals and earned his place amongst an elite group of specialists.  Dr. Goldstein is a board certified specialist in canine/feline practice - PLUS - he's achieved the title of Diplomate in canine/feline specialty from the American Board of Veterinary Practioners which, according to their website (, has been attained by only 388 people in the United States.  Check out the website and you'll get a good understanding of what this status entails.

In addition to Dr. Goldstein's personal accomplishments, his facility is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association which means my pets are receiving services from a hospital that has passed the highest standards in veterinary care.

When I've called his office it's not always for routine matters like refilling a prescription or making an appointment for an annual exam.  Sometimes I'm calling about something that has me concerned, nervous, or on edge.  When Sandy, Head Receptionist/Office Manager, answers the phone my nervousness subsides because she has a calming way of soothing my trepidation and she shows sincere compassion and concern.  Staff members are excellent too and each one has that special sparkle in their eyes that is present in those who truly care about the animals they are treating.

After 32 years of experience with the Animal Hospital of Walnut, I highly recommend them to help you maintain your pet's excellent health and well being."
Kiki I., Walnut, CA via Yelp
Pepper, pet of the month
"Thank you so much for your thoughtful contribution to Cornell University Veterinary College in memory of our beloved cat, Molly. We are deeply touched by your generosity and kindness. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you did for her and all you do for our other cats: Mama, Pawzy, and Pepper. We are truly blessed to have such skilled and compassionate people care for our precious little kitties. You were simply purr-r-fect!"Michael and Gayle I.

"Thank you so much for letting us come to visit your Animal Hospital! It was a wonderful experience for all of us. Tracy was an excellent tour guide. We appreciate your kindness. Many of our first graders want to become Veterinarians." Jane D-S.

"My dog is 13 years old and had tumors growing out of his eye and on top of his head. My biggest fear was that my dog wouldn’t make it through surgery because of his age. To ease my concerns, Dr. Goldstein suggested we do a few tests and without pressure left the decision up to me. The love and care that Dr. Goldstein and their Staff gave my dog and me, was beyond my expectations! The surgery was a success and Dr. Goldstein was able to reconstruct my dog’s eye lid so that you would never know he had surgery."Cindy H.

"Thank you for the superb care you have given all our pets throughout the years. The attention and compassion you extended were most comforting and appreciated. Above all, thank you for your willingness to treat our dear Ivan with his difficult behavior. We are forever grateful." Tony and Cruz O.

"I have been going to this Vet for over 6yrs and they are great and friendly and i love how they treat my dog and now a new kitten =o) Dr. Goldstein and Sandy are so very caring and informative."Lily C., West Covina via Yelp

"We want to thank you and your Staff for your kindness and dedication to our family of dogs over the past 30 years. You have seen and helped us through the life and death of three of our pets and the well-being of our dogs Jack and Jill these past 12 years. Without you I am sure their lives and ours wouldn’t be so blessed."Karen and Richard B.

"I moved to Walnut in 1976, and must have been one of your earliest clients.  I remember having to drive over the railroad tracks to the animal clinic in Rowland Heights, and was very pleased when I was able to take my animals to the vet here in Walnut.  Dr. Goldstein has taken care of all of our pets, both dogs and cats, through the years, and we have always been very pleased with the compassionate care they received.  I was especially grateful for the way we as a family were treated when we lost our last pet.  I wish you may more years of success."Mavis H.

Our clients come to us from the Walnut Valley cities of Diamond Bar, Covina, La Puente, Phillips Ranch, West Covina, Pomona, Chino Hills, Puente Hills, and beyond.

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