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Veterinarian Staff

Staff at the Animal Hospital of Walnut

consists of individuals coming together to create a culture that cares for each other and for you and your pet. This contributes to our unique environment and is the key to our future.

Helping Pets since 1981

"We want to thank you and your Staff for your kindness and dedication to our family of dogs over the past 30 years. You have seen and helped us through the life and death of three of our pets and the well-being of our dogs Jack and Jill these past 12 years. Without you I am sure their lives and ours wouldn’t be so blessed."
—Karen and Richard B.

Sandy Muhar, Head Receptionist, Office Manager, and Hospital Safety Coordinator
Office Manager, Animal Hospital of Walnut I’m one of the receptionists, I get to see and greet our clients and their pets when they arrive at the clinic, and as the Office Manager I do the behind the scenes business duties in an attempt to have the clinic run efficiently. Having 20 years experience running a multi-million dollar Construction Painting Company with over 100 employees helps.Walnut Community Festival

I was a client when my husband and I first moved to Walnut 20 some years ago. Dr. Goldstein treated our dogs. In 2007 when we closed down our business I was looking for some part-time work to keep busy. I had gone in to the clinic to pick up food and mentioned it to Judi (the receptionist at the time). When an opening came up, she remembered me and put in a good word with the boss. I’ve been here for eight years now and loved every minute.

The Veterinary field always interested me but by the time I could have afforded the tuition, I was too old! I’m fascinated by the medicine. I’m drawn to the pets, always have been. I’m the one you'll find playing with the babies and the pets at parties. I’m drawn by the honesty and joy both express.

One of my fondest memories is the day a client brought in their pregnant Cairn Terrier (looks like Toto) who was having trouble with her labor. Dr. Goldstein had to perform a cesarean section and as he delivered the puppies, the nurses had to clean and stimulate them to breathe, but there were more puppies than nurses and they handed me one! I’m proud that they trusted me enough to allow me to help. ALL the puppies survived and thrived. I’ll never forget the feeling when that puppy took his first breath and started crying for his mom.

I like to help the clients. Even if it’s just to explain things in a manner they understand, to translate “doctor speak” into plain English. There are things I can help with that to me seem small, but the clients see as huge. I want to treat them as I would like to be treated in the “human” medicine settings. I also like to see the patients enjoy coming in as opposed to being frightened to be here.
Our Hospital Cat
My parents live nearby in Yorba Linda. I am the third of four daughters. My sisters are all my best friends. I grew up in Fontana, Ca where we always had a dog (only one at a time and usually a Boston Terrier named Stubby). No cats, as my Mom is allergic. We were probably “Middle” Class, but always rich with love and music. My son, as well as my sisters’ children are all very talented, which we attribute to my Father, who was a musician. My Mother instilled a love of reading in us as she was a Librarian in the High School in Fontana for many years, before moving up to Cal Poly Pomona’s Library from which she retired. I’ve known my husband for over 40 years, as we were best friends in High School. We just celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary. The light of our lives is our 13 year old Grand Daughter, Hali. She lives in Riverside but spends a lot of weekends with us. She is a beautiful, smart, funny, talented young lady. She is an Honor Roll Student, Cheer Leader, involved in student government and many clubs. She will be a well rounded young woman. Sandy and Lorena

I currently have a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Bella. She has become my favorite dog (although I have loved them all). She is the sweetest, cutest, funniest girl. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t say out loud how much we love this dog. She has been my running partner for a few years now. Although we are both showing our age, she is 8 (55 in dog years), we still hike up and run down the horse trails in the local parks…Schabarum, Bonelli and The Claremont Loop to name a few. My husband, George, had a white German Shepherd as a kid, and that was always his favorite dog, until Bella picked us. She offered him a golf ball as a puppy when we were at the rescue facility. Since he’s an avid golfer, it seemed “meant to be”.

I read an average of a book a week. I am "crafty", i.e. crochet or knit—mostly baby blankets for expecting friends and relatives. As mentioned, I run (well, jog). I never did until my co-worker and best friend, Lorena, and I decided to get in shape. We started walking after work and on weekends. Then she brought up running. We actually trained for and ran the LA Marathon in 2010 (the year I turned 50). That was quite an achievement. Now I stick to dirt trails as my feet and knees protest when I run on pavement. Even on vacation I hike and seek out trails to run. Maui has a few nice ones and South Lake Tahoe has many to try.

We used to have a client bring his weenie dogs (dachshunds) in for toe nail trims. (He has since passed away.) Apparently he had health issues and was not suppose to drink coffee or eat junk food. So I was always amused when he would drink at least 2 cups of coffee and have 4-5 cookies while he waited for his dogs. One day he came in to buy dog food and while checking out, helped himself to the Hershey’s candy we always have in the bowl on the counter. He looked at me with a smirk and said, “Wait until I tell my wife I got a 'kiss' from a red head today!"
Lorena Contreras,

Registered Veterinary Technician

Registered Vet TechnicianI’m the head technician and RVT. I help implement the AAHA standards. I help with the inventory and ordering of supplies and equipment. I’m also responsible for the maintenance of our equipment. I oversee the care and standard of our patients.

I started working here in April of 2006. I was working at another practice but my commute started to become an issue. I started looking for something closer to home and was very fortunate to have found this wonderful hospital, and I have been here ever since.

As a little girl I always dreamed of being a veterinarian but as I grew older, life took me in a different and wonderful direction. I have always had a deep passion for animals, and I knew that one day I would find my way into this career. And I did by becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician.

I cannot think of one specific event that inspired my decision to work with animals but rather my whole childhood. As a little girl, I always found myself drifting to an animal. I clearly remember going to birthday parties and instead of me playing with the kids, I was having a blast with the ponies. Or year after year, we would go visit Santa Claus and his reindeer. I would want nothing to do with Santa, but I was mesmerized by his reindeer and petting zoo. Or simply trying to pet a stray dog or cat which would always bite me but I would try again and again. As you see, animals have always been my passion.

Lorena, Vet Tech I became a

veterinary nurse

by going to college. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to work with animals. So I enrolled in Mount San Antonio College and began my journey. Two years later I graduated and later that year, I passed my boards and became a

Registered Veterinary Technician.

I really enjoy helping our animals and even though they cannot speak, I like to think they know that I am helping them feel better. It makes me happy to see the bond between the owner and the pet and to know that I may have extended the bond for a couple of years. I also really enjoy dental cleanings. I get great satisfaction from seeing a pet come in with bad breath and lots of tartar and plaque to seeing them leave with a clean and healthy mouth.

I was born and raised in Southern California. I grew up in the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys. My family consists of my parents and my crazy brothers. My influence for life has always been my parents, seeing how hard they work for us to have a better future.

I have a wonderful marriage and three kids, two of which are male boxers. My boys are super energetic and always keep me super busy.

My hobbies include long walks on the beach, going to church, cooking, walking, running and hiking.
Monica DeLong,
Veterinary Technician
vet technician I am one of the Lead RVTs. I handle appointments, inventory, prep for surgeries, hospital care for patients, radiographer, phlebotomist, anesthesiologist and dental care, making sure our patients and clients are healthier and happy.

Four years ago I was doing school
hours at Animal Hospital of Walnut and was offered a part-time job. I enjoy doing dental prophy’s because I like the instant satisfaction of seeing a beautiful clean mouth after a cleaning. I like cytology and investigating a whole world under a microscope.

I have always loved animals. I was hiking with friends and one of their dogs, Matty, about 15 miles from civilization. Her dog got a face full of porcupine quills and was pawing at her face making things worse. I pulled over 50 quills from her face with pliers, then got the dog to the nearest hospital. Matty was okay. I was able to help an animal when no one else was willing to and it felt amazing.Dog Care Technician

I grew up in Southern California with my parents and two older brothers. My father was always the person who made sure we had a pet dog. When he interacted with our pets or we lost a pet was the only time I really witnessed a real big emotion from him (love, happy, sad).
Now, I realize what a great influence or support a dog can give a person to deal with or show emotion. I later moved to Alaska for a few years and came back to So Cal to finish school. I started my career in animal health later in life.

I have an 2 year old Jack Russel Terrier mix named "Osyris". "Sy" for short. When he hangs out at work with me sometimes, he likes to try to share his toys with other doggies in the hospital that may be sick or recovering.

I enjoy hiking, drawing, reading and fostering cats/kittens. It’s a great feeling of achievement when we find a forever home for a cat/kitten that we have been fostering.
Tracy Brickey, Receptionist and Technician
Vet Technician I am a Veterinary Assistant. In 2004 on the advice of my daughter, I decided to enroll in the RVT Program at Mt SAC. In 2006 I chose the Animal Hospital of Walnut to do my work experience rotation. I have been here ever since. It has been both a wonderful learning experience and a challenge.Tracy, Vet Tech

My goal is to better understand the physical and emotional workings of animals and to contribute to their health and well being. I enjoy enlightening the clients on the importance of spay/neuter, quality medical care and prevention, and quality of life.

Seven+ years ago a young newly adopted dog came into the Hospital severely under weight and with pneumonia. The owners could not care for her and euthanasia was discussed. I felt something could be done and after voicing my concerns to Dr. Goldstein, the owners signed her over to the hospital. After twp weeks at the hospital with aggressive treatment and proper nutrition, she was able to go home (with me). She has been my husband's best bud ever since.

I grew up in Southern California with my Mom, Dad and two older sisters. I like drawing, baseball, being with friends. My parents always said anything is possible.

I currently live with my husband of 36 years, Gary, and our three rescued animals. Our beautiful Border Collie mix "Hope", and our two cats "Penny Lane" and "Ozzy". I enjoy road trips with my family and reading.
Brandy Benson, Veterinary Assistant
Vet TechnicianI am a veterinary assistant, soon to be R.V.T. I assist the doctors and technicians at the hospital restraining patients, taking blood, placing catheters, running blood work and labs. I monitor surgery, and patients in my hospitals, administer vaccines, clean ears and treat patients to alleviate their ailments.

I started in November 2012 at Animal Hospital of Walnut. I had done my work experience at AHOW through Mt San Antonio College’s Veterinary Technician Program. Near the end of my college career, I was asked if I would be interested in a veterinary assistant position. Not ever having the opportunity presented to me, I was excited! And accepted!

Since I can remember, I grew up around many different animals. My family has taken care of mice to dogs, rabbits to cats, even occasionally wildlife like crows and small birds. Rescuing anything that needed help and a home. I’ve seen the best in all my pets and even the worst. For me the worst things I’ve seen have fueled my motivation to learn about them and how to properly take care of them, how to give my pets and others the best care possible. I am dedicated to being their voice when they need one.

I’ve raised many litters, rescued cats and dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors. I’ve raised mice, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits. I’ve taken care of them all, health and chronically ill, injured, and scared, young to old. One story that does hit close to home is about my cat named Fireball. He was a Fire Point long haired Siamese. We had one of the greatest relationships a young girl and her beautiful, silly, fun loving cat could have. He grew older from a kitten but no more older than about 4 or 5 years old. He became ill and had many seizures. Our Veterinarian suspected it was due to a brain tumor. The night he passed, I held him close and warm in my arms. I never left him until I knew he was safe on the other side. Until I knew the pain was gone and that he was in a better place. Since then I’ve wanted to know more about them and discover what I have to offer for their sake. Brandy, Vet Tech

I always knew I wanted to help animals, I just didn’t know what approach to take. In High School I chose to meet an R.V.T. for Career Day. I fell in love with the idea since I loved science, but the fact that I was passionate about animals. In college I heard about the R.V.T. program from taking a random animal class, I believe it was feline management, being the cat lover that I am. The teacher was the program director and pointed me in the right and best direction. I fell in love with the classes, the people, and the fact that I was doing what I loved. I knew that this is what I was meant to do. Now I work in two animal hospitals and I love every minute of it.

The first thing I enjoy the most is meeting new furry friends! I love knowing that I can always help them and their pet parents. I love to educate others because it reminds me of myself, when I was young and didn’t understand why our pets get sick and what we can do to prevent it. I love doing lab work, studying parasitology, examining blood, urinalysis, and fecals because of the science aspect, it’s pretty cool stuff. But the best is being able to treat pets, to make them feel better and to make them feel safe. I also enjoy radiology and taking x-rays!

I grew up in El Monte until I was five years old and them moved to West Covina with my parents and three sisters. I would say my interest and influences were all my pets, they have taught me how to love unconditionally, they have been my inspiration and the reason I have pursued this career.
Brandy, Vet Tech
I live in Whittier with my boyfriend and sister. We have three furry babies. A Maine coon cat named Hobbes, who was once feral but I took him in and raised him since he was about three months old. He is the most beautiful and majestic cat I have ever raised, but man does he have a goofy side. I have a calico cat name Cali, who I rescued from being trapped in a truck when she was a two month old kitten. She is the most sociable and curious cat I have ever had. Her and Hobbes are complete opposites but they both amaze me with their love for each other. Wilbert is a Chihuahua mix about three or four years old that I rescued from a busy street. This crazy guy ran in front of my car, I swerved to avoid him and pulled over. I ran to him stopping traffic and scooped him up into my arms. We fell in love with him instantly. He was great with people other dogs, and even cats! We decided to bring him home, we had been missing a dog in our lives. The three of them are like peas in a pod, the best of friends.

I love to cook and try out new recipes. I love to eat food of all kinds. I also try to rescue stray or lost cats or dogs. I find forever homes for them, and help anyone who needs help, like friends or family, in their rescue efforts doing the same that I do. I’m proud that I have graduated college with my A.S. in registered veterinary technology and have now passed my California State Board for Registered Veterinary Technician. I am a step closer to achieving my dreams of being an R.V.T. and will continue my efforts to being the best I can be in my goal in helping animal of all kinds in any way, shape or form possible.
Judi Postlethwait, Receptionist
Vet ReceptionistI am a part time receptionist. As the receptionist, I’m the first one our clients hear when they call for appointments and the first one who welcomes them when they walk in the door.

Always having and loving and caring for many cats and dogs as my furry babies, I started coming to Dr. Goldstein when he first opened his practice in 1981. I worked in the telecommunications industry as a manager and after 25 years, retired. In 2005, the part-time reception job opened up. Dr. Goldstein offered me the position. Not having any medical training and not looking for a job, I was hesitant. But Dr. Goldstein believed my management skills, customer focus and love of animal would be a good fit for the position. As a client, I have always felt this was the best animal hospital around and I like to convey that to all our clients. I really do enjoy working here. Our clients and pets are more like family and friends to me. I share in their happiness and good times and feel their pain in sad times.

I never had any desire to have a medical profession. I found computer operations and technical training was my passion. Computers don’t bleed. I do, however, believe good customer service is so important to any business. Never having human babies, I’ve always had furry ones. They loved me unconditionally and were always ready and knew when to "snuggle"—especially when I need it the most. I figure I can always ask the vet or nurses medical questions. But it’s up to me to know how to treat every client and their pets—like I want to be treated—like family friends.

I have had pets from the time I was born until now. My earliest memory of my pets was when I was two or three years old. Our dog, Goldie, had four puppies. I can remember playing with them in our backyard. As they were all crawling on top of me, I was peed on—that was kind of like my "pet Baptism", I suppose—and then I remember my Mom picking me up a little upset. However, I have been hooked on furry babies ever since!

Walnut Festival Booth I enjoy making our clients feel welcomed and appreciated and comfortable. My peers call me the "entertainment committee". I do like to make them feel at ease and keep them entertained while they wait to be called into the exam rooms. Besides that, I learn a lot about their pets and family. They are not just clients and patients to me—they are family. When a new family comes in for the first time and may be a little nervous or apprehensive about our practice and I have existing clients in the lobby also, I usually ask them to tell the new folks how good we are. And they always do—adding that we have excellent doctors and nurses, how clean it is, and how it’s like family. They usually all continue chatting with each other. It makes a good experience.

I grew up in Arcadia, California as the middle child of five: two brothers and two sisters. We all went to private school. We always had pets—dogs, cats, birds (my Dad raised and sold parakeets). One of our dogs, Goldie our Collie, came to our home just before I was born. She was just like Lassie with all of us kids. And I know, without a doubt, she could have saved "Timmy" or any of us if we fell down a well! As a family we would go on many vacations. But my favorite, repeated most memorable was the "Double J" Dude Ranch, where besides swimming, playing etc., we rode horses twice a day. Horseback riding was a favorite activity on many of our other vacations, but the Double J was my favorite. So much, that years later, my husband and I went to the Rankin Dude Ranch on our honeymoon and several times after that. That was my husband’s first time on a horse and he loved it too. Since my Mom was a fantastic cook and baker, my parents opened a family restaurant. All of us kids worked in it. I used to wait on customers and learned early how important good customer service was—if I wanted tips. I was blessed to have a close and loving family.

I live with my husband, Eric, and six of our furry kids-kitty cats: Birdie, Lily, Lucy, Graycee, Georgie and Angel. They all like to pile on our laps as soon as we sit down. I am dog-less for the first time in my life since my dog, Maisie, died last year. At least dog-less for now! Growing up in Italy and England, Eric never had pets although he always loved animals and wanted pets. So when he met me and my pets at the time—three dogs and three cats—he had "instant pets" and became "Papa" from then on to all our "kids" (pets).

Walnut Festival BoothI love to cook and bake—like my Mom. I feel cooking is Love and my husband is always game when I want to try new recipes. Some are bad, some are okay, some are delicious and repeatable. Several years ago, I took a cake decorating class and ended up over six years in the class. It’s not that I’m a slow learner—it was a fun class. After overdosing all of my neighbors and friends with cakes from class every week, I found a new place to donate my cakes—The Hospice hospital for the nurses and families to enjoy. It was very rewarding and heartwarming to see families who were grieving for their potential loss enjoy a “happy” moment when they saw and then would eat my cake. That was very special. As mentioned before, my Mom was a fantastic cook and baker. After I retired I wrote a compilation of her recipes with her help called “Pretty Judi’s Mom’s Family Favorite Recipes”. It was 14 sections, 200 pages, 350 recipes including preface, index etc. My Mom passed away, but we still have her when we make her recipes.

Recently, one of our good clients recounted their first visit to Animal Hospital of Walnut to me. It made me laugh. Back in 2008, being a potential new clients with two new puppies, they called to find out about our practice. After explaining everything to them, they booked an appointment that same day. I repeated my name was Judi and that I was looking forward to meeting them and their new babies and that I was “the good-looking one” they would see when they came in. I guess they had a god chuckle when they came in and saw me!

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